01 July, 2009

blue flower

sorry for the lack of posts lately. i went away for a super wonderful fantastic long weekend adventure for my birthday and now that i'm back i've got LOTS of work to catch up on!
here's this morning's project:

new prints for the sammy wraps! i love this one -- it reminds me of the old corning ware dish pattern; such pretty simplicity.
i just listed one in my etsy shop (here) and i'm taking a batch over to wanamakers general store tomorrow. (they're all sold out of the first batch -- hooray!) more later! ciao!


Leila said...

What day is your birthday??? Mine was last Saturday and I begin to wonder if we have the same birthday. I've never known anyone with my birthday.

I love that blue print too, by the way.

chez-sucre-chez said...

hi leila! happy birthday to you!!! no -- mine was on thursday, not saturday, but we ARE still both in the same sign -- crafty crabs. i hope that YOU had a wonderful wonderful wonderful birthday!! xo-kj