27 July, 2009

looking for someone to love

i know i said that i thought i was going to keep those extra toothmen around to keep me company in the studio, but this one particular guy was giving me the feeling that he really rather wanted to maybe find a new home:

look at that face! he wants to see the world, or at least be united with someone (besides me) who thinks the world of him. he's got some love to share.

so -- i set him up as a listing on my etsy shop as a tooth buddy. he'll be mailed with some little coin envelopes stamped with the words "tooth fairy" so that he can help out with tooth fairy duties if called upon. the child could put his/her tooth in the envelope and put it under the pillow and then the tooth fairy can leave the loot in the same envelope or in one of the spares or however else he/she sees fit. i've thought a lot about (and had many suggestions to do so) how i could make these guys into tooth fairy pillows and this is what i've come up with so far. i know i could sew a pocket onto the backside of them, but i just dont want to -- i think it would detract from their charm. a tooth fairy pillow is only used so many nights in one lifetime -- i want my toothmen to be adored ALL THE TIME.

so -- check him out. (here is the listing.) snap him up for your favourite five year old (or thirty-five year old, or sixty-five year old.... ).

**whoa! one day later and he's already been scooped up! toothman is off to live in salem, mass. lovely! so now his buddies are eager to see if they can find new homes, too. i've just listed another (here). we'll see how it goes!

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