20 December, 2012

a super-long post to make up for weeks of silence

It's been weeks since I posted, but it's not because nothing has been happening, it's just that *so much* has been happening that I haven't had a chance to post! My days, and most of my nights, have been completely busy with work projects and I find that when I have a few moments on the computer, I've usually spent them aimlessly clicking from here to there.

First of all (because it's made up the majority of my busy-ness and business), it was an amazing month for my Etsy shop. Last night, after I stitched up what I thought would be my last order before the holidays (it wasn't.... I just finished another tonight; but NOW I'm finished!), I learned that I completed 90 orders in the past 30 days. WOW! That's a lot!

(this screenshot was taken last night, just after I packed up that last order. And then, not 15 minutes later, my phone went "ding!" and I received the notification of another order. I'm not complaining!!!!)

THANK YOU to my amazing customers and supporters! I'm so excited that there will be chez-sucre-chez gifts wrapped up and given with love this holiday season. That people want to give *my* products and handiwork as gifts is just so cool to me. Seriously, it makes me so happy, and flattered, and proud, and excited. Thank you for that. Really.

Next in exciting things that I never got to share with you; my work was featured in the super cool, and beautiful, Mollie Makes magazine. This is a British publication, so even though it was available in the UK (and other places) at the end of October, I had to wait a month longer to see it. (I was able to see an iPad version, but I was so psyched when it was finally on newstands here and I could see and touch the pages!)

The project was great - I'd never done a how-to for a magazine before and even though there was some frustration over the photos (up against a tight deadline and I realize that the photos I'd taken with my little digital point and shoot just weren't going to cut it resolution-wise... it was a learning experience!), I am happy with the project and really excited to see it in print.

(sorry for the less-than-stellar photos; it's so dark and grey here today!)

I was given the quote, and was asked to design a piece for it. I loved the way this quote fit in with my recent "bless this mess" piece/theme.

For the piece, I wanted to do something different -- a little bit of a challenge, a little bit of a departure from my recent designs. So, I went with a totally different and unique lettering style done up in a fresh colorway - bright coral on grey - and with that lettering style, it felt very 60's pop-ish to me.

So -- that was exciting.

And, this magazine feature reminded me of *another* magazine feature from soooo long ago that I never shared here on the blog! This one was in the Italian magazine CasaChic, and due to international delivery problems and me moving from east coast to west coast and back to east coast all the while the publishers were trying to send my copy, it never happened. So, I've had this pdf, and I'm blown away by how awesome it looks, but never have seen it in print.
Check it out:

I can't read Italian, but it makes me giddy to look at those page layouts!

Next in exciting news was that my "to die by your side" piece was featured in a gift-guide round up by the creative team at West Elm. It's always an amazing feeling to find out that my work is liked by people with this kind of great taste and influence!
(See the post here.)

(This was one of those pieces all stitched up and about to be wrapped up and sent on its way to California.)

ANOTHER exciting project this month is that I have been working with Philadelphia-based designers and purveyors of beautiful American-tailored menswear, Commonwealth Proper. We've been collaborating to bring my hand embroidery to the shop as an option for personalizing their amazing suits, shirts, and accessories.

Pretty sweet, huh?

NEXT on my list of awesome stuff is a guest post on Martha Stewart's crafts department blog. Hooray! I love this team of creatives and I feel honored to have been invited to contribute. Check it out, the post is live today -here- I give a how-to for an easy last-minute ornament gift.

Followers of this blog might remember these from here and here, but they're so classic - I love bringing these back!

And NOW -- I have one large wholesale order to complete (the Mulling Spice packets must be doing well at Terrain; this was an unexpected re-order!) and then I have *gulp* four days to tackle all of my own Christmas-ing. I honestly haven't done a lick of it yet. Oh boy. I've got work to do. :)

Happy happy holidays friends! I'm hoping to get back here to do some more posts of holiday fun, but until then, best wishes to you!