15 November, 2010

it may seem early but...

... it's almost time to start thinking about decking the halls and trimming the tree.
i at least had to start my thinking about the holiday marketing season and so far, i am pleased with what i've come up with; i've got (almost) four new kits in the shop and they're all for making your own sweet little holiday ornaments/decorations.
lookie look:

no, you cannot have my frames, but you CAN make this:

i give you all the supplies:

or, if you prefer it in black - a little less holiday season specific, too:

and then there are the reindeer:

you can make it with or without the year.

i'm waiting on a shipment of white fabric, but in a day or two, the kits for this color option will be in the shop, too:

don't wait until the last minute! check them out here.


Michele said...

Love it!!!

(also LOVE those frames, geez.)

i just made out my christmas wish list and it was very chez sucre chez full!

So excited!


Leila said...

Ack! Too pretty! I love your setup and the kits. Which to pick. . .

(I think I'm leaning toward the one on backorder)

Leila said...

Will you be at any of the NYC holiday markets this year? I'm having trouble finding info on even when any of them will be except for Bust and the one at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn (which I'll be gone for).

chez-sucre-chez said...

michele -- thank you!!
leila - i don't think i will make any of the nyc fairs this year! i'll be on the west coast until the middle of the month; i know i am going to miss BUST. i was hoping that the divine studios sale would be later in the month, but i havent heard anything. maybe they're not even doing it this year? if i hear anything or manage to get one on my schedule, i'll be sure to let you know!

Leila said...

Please do let me know -- thanks for this bit of info anyway. I kind of suspect that there's no divine sale this year because I can't find anything at all about it. Of course, I've had trouble finding info on that one in the past too. . .