27 November, 2010

let's do THIS

i know i've been a little quiet here on the blog front; i apologize, but when you see all the stitching that i've been doing, i hope you'll understand. it's kinda hard to stitch and blog at the same time, you know. (hmmm, using the word "blog" as a verb makes me feel a little funny....) anyways - most of the stitching that i have been doing has been in preparation for the above event. you see that flyer -- it doesn't say "chez-sucre-chez" -- but it does say "kimberly scola" -- that's kind of exciting.. i think this is the first time i'm presenting my art under my own name, rather than my business name. i went back and forth about which i wanted to use, and ultimately, opted with my name. most of the pieces that i'll have on view/for sale there are one of a kind pieces -- they're rather different than what i usually offer up in my shop, so, i think the distinction is significant. i'm really really proud of the work i've been doing and really proud to be part of an event with such amazing artists! i'm going to continue stitching like a mad-woman for the next two days, and then i'll offer up a little preview of the work i've been doing. in the meantime, if you are in the los angeles area, you should put this event on your calendar. i'll remind you of it as the date gets closer, too.

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Leila said...

I wish I could be there but I can't wait to see what you've been up to anyway!