29 November, 2010

thanks johnny

here's a preview of one of the pieces going on over to the THIS gallery for the dec. 10th-11th show/sale:

it's one of my favourites, but then, i have a lot of favourites right now! my job tomorrow is to photograph them all....
with this unique, custom-made frame by my friend brian, of whiskey and chocolate, this piece is definitely one of a kind. it's kinda hard to think about giving these pieces up, but at the same time, i'm excited about it....
stay tuned; more to come.
(phew -- i originally published this post with the title of "thanks ponyboy" - but it was johnny who said it! really, i guess i should have titled it as, "thanks S.E. Hinton.")

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thesecretrose said...

Really pretty :) I just love your designs!