22 February, 2007

city gloves

roger rudd pointed out that i didnt have any pictures of these up on this blog. here's one - bright green, a much more vibrant color than most of the ones that i have made. i make them in different lengths -- "shorts" cover just the hands, "mediums" cover the wrists (like those pictured), and "longs" come about a third of the way up the forearm. i sold out of them at bazaar bizarre, but then i knit up a bunch more. i've got some of these for sale over at treehouse, and i have a small stockpile of others here in my studio -- black, and blue, and ecru, and red pairs. i'm not going to bother putting them up on etsy this late in the season, so they're here if you want a pair -- just let me know.

20 February, 2007

baby birds

here's the project of the day... baby onsies. onesies are just so damn cute, who can resist picking some up and customizing them. oh, and babies are so hot right now... really, though, this gives purpose to some of those little embroidery projects. that, and i know of quite a few lovely ladies who are sporting the bump these days.

08 February, 2007

dream refrigerator

the funny (sad? pathetic? cool?) thing is that i really didnt have to move too many things around in our refrigerator to take this shot. seriously, i only moved three things to the top shelf, which is out of the frame of the picture. oh, to be poor.
but, we sure have lots of cupcakes!!! i baked these up to take over to to TREEHOUSE for a little cocktails and snacks party that rebecca and seri hosted at the store. unfortunately (or fortunately?) i still have a lot of cupcakes here that i just couldnt take over. come over and help me eat them!! (they're all home-made! real buttercream! tons of fat! yeah!)

05 February, 2007

swinging from the trees

the great news is that the lovely ladies over at treehouse have taken me on as one of their artists and they are now carrying some chez-sucre-chez products! hooray! if you are in the neighborhood of williamsburg, you should most certainly stop by. besides city gloves, skull crayons, bedbugs, hairpins, and valentines by moi, they also carry a ton of great other little items including clothing and shoes and books and handbags and pins and hats and more and more and more. yeah!