30 September, 2010

jumble mumble

the letters are starting to pile up again:

nope. mosh wasnt the word i was trying to spell. but if you know my themes, you'll easily spot one of the intended words.
many more to go!

27 September, 2010

whoa, that's boss.*

i got an email today requesting that i stitch up another "show a little faith, there's magic in the night" piece.

this part of the story doesnt shock me too much -- i had just stitched up and mailed another one by request last week; that person had seen the original that i had done and posted on etsy (it sold pretty quickly...) and just asked me to make another.
the cool part of this story is that the woman making the request said that she saw the piece on a BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN WEB (fan) SITE! hahahahahhaha! holy crap. i didnt know such things existed. but then i never really thought about it. then i checked and found the link (here)-- it's totally rad!

i love the way my piece looks up there on that site! and i love the title of the site! and then, when i clicked on it, i see that lots of people "like" and reblogged it. super sweet. (see for yourself here.) i wish i understood tumblr -- then maybe i could "like" it too....

*("that's boss" is a saying my old pal roger rudd used to say a lot... he probably still does say it a lot. that roger rudd is a pretty swell fellow. he once shipped a bicycle all the way from seattle washington to my home in pennsylvania for me - because he saw it and knew i would love it and that it was actually small enough for little miss short legs to ride properly. what a guy!)

foraging for mushrooms...

... at terrain.

after the success of our collaboration on my strawberry sachets, my contacts at terrain proposed that i develop a mushroom sachet for the fall season. the site on which terrain, the shop (and cafe, and landscaping services) sits was once an old mushroom farm/house. pretty cool, eh? see photos of the beautiful site here and, if you're in the area, you really should visit. if you're not in the area, you can see my mushrooms in the shop here (but i think they look a lot better in person...).

25 September, 2010

oh california

i've had several orders for this piece in the past couple of weeks:

interesting, interesting indeed i do believe.
anyways - i really liked this color request. (good idea, pollie!)
and now i am sooooo close to being caught up on all my orders and ready to jump into a new piece or two. hopefully i'll be posting again sooner than later...

18 September, 2010

looking back, looking forward

remember these?

i've been thinking of them often lately. i think it may be time to start stitching up letters again to make up some more photos like this...
sorry for the lack of posts lately. it's been a whirlwind couple of weeks and since i've been back on the west coast, i've just been stitching my little fingers off to catch up with the orders i've gotten since the design sponge post. phew!
also, though, i read (devoured) "extrememly loud and incredibly close" on my way back west and in the two or three days afterwards and it's kinda wrecked me! i couldnt put it down until it was finished and now it's weighing heavy in my heart... i love a story that can touch me like that but dang, i wish my heart werent so easily affected.
it's a bright and sunny day here in los angeles, though, and i'm feeling ready to get back into the normal swing of productivity!

05 September, 2010

family time

stitched this up for my sister and her husband:

it's their motto.

then four year old bella begged me to teach her to stitch -- all i did was thread the needle and show her how to go through the holes - she did this all by herself:

so awesome!

her drawings blow my mind.
these are the ones she's done on the chalkboard at the end of the hall over the past two days. the first is nani (my mama):

and this one is grand-nan (my grandmother):