18 September, 2010

looking back, looking forward

remember these?

i've been thinking of them often lately. i think it may be time to start stitching up letters again to make up some more photos like this...
sorry for the lack of posts lately. it's been a whirlwind couple of weeks and since i've been back on the west coast, i've just been stitching my little fingers off to catch up with the orders i've gotten since the design sponge post. phew!
also, though, i read (devoured) "extrememly loud and incredibly close" on my way back west and in the two or three days afterwards and it's kinda wrecked me! i couldnt put it down until it was finished and now it's weighing heavy in my heart... i love a story that can touch me like that but dang, i wish my heart werent so easily affected.
it's a bright and sunny day here in los angeles, though, and i'm feeling ready to get back into the normal swing of productivity!


Blueberry Park said...

You should definitely make more of these...I love them!

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

I loved that book- but it tore me up, too.