13 March, 2007

oh baby baby

more onesies --

custom tags? oh, mais oui!

oh, and this is the little birdie that inspired these new onesies -- i had a bird shape that i really liked and went and made it into a little stuffed thing -- but it just didnt work like i had envisioned it. so i decided that it needed to be done in 2-D, and thus - the onesies..

10 March, 2007

blooms that nearly made my fingers bleed

here's the project of the morning.
i had actually knitted, felted, and constructed the bag quite a long time ago (well over a year ago, i think) and although i really liked the scalloped edges of the closure, i just didnt think that it was finished. and then came this month's issue of martha. there's a feature in there on ribbon embroidery - perfect - i had never tried it before and it looked like just the right thing to finish the bag. i like the way it looks, but getting the needle and heavy ribbon through the thick felt was not so easy. i snapped one needle in half and hurt my little fingers working on this sucker.

i don't know what i am going to do with the bag yet -- it isn't really my style, so i don't think i will end up getting much use out of it. i might put it on etsy. i might see if treehouse or some other store will take it. let me know if you know of anyone who might like to buy it.

09 March, 2007

C is for cookie...

...even when it is made of canvas and felt and thread and beads.

baby bella's birthday is coming up -- she'll be ready for pretend tea parties soon enough (and so will i).

UPDATE -- so i gave bella her cookies -- and i think that she likes them. so cute.

01 March, 2007

my heart is full

I need to take a minute (okay, a post) to do this:
thank you, dear friends and family, for what has been, despite all unlikeliness, one of the best years of my life. dana, greg, and janna, mom and dad, kelly and stacy (and SBA and BB, of course), dan colby, laura, amy d and claire and jeremy and liz, simon, estelle and marion, francisco and monica, charles, roger rudd and kristen and amrit, the paces, ron, jocelyn, jason and maggie and jay --- it just wouldn't have been the same without any one of you. thank you so much, i love you all.