30 June, 2008

cloud 9, 10, 11, 12.....

i'm on my way out the door to go spend a day with my family... it's my dad's birthday -- happy birthday papa! --- but before i go; here's a preview of the new body of work that i hope to completely unveil later this week:

i've gone back to the clouds.. and i'm quite happy with them.
more later...

24 June, 2008

blue skied and clear

the sky has been looking bluer and sunnier than usual these days.
i'm feeling good; feeling positve.
and i do believe my heart is learning how to sing again.

mailing letters

another order for a set of custom initials -- going out in the post today.

22 June, 2008

new batch of coral branches

it had been a while since i'd last done a coral branch. i picked up the red thread and needle and went back to it. one branch became three.

17 June, 2008

pie heart brooklyn

i've extended my stay in brooklyn a few days longer -- enjoying the culture and the company of my friends just too much to want to leave.
inspired by my peeps ron and jay, and the fresh goodies available at union square greenmarket, i baked up a strawberry rhubarb pie to share with my friends.
mmmmm. thanks for the love, support, and fun, friends. xoxo.

16 June, 2008

ra ra renegade

wow. what a weekend. renegade was a hoot!
i shared a booth with my friend christine, of wonting, and we both agree that the fair was a great experience.
here's a not-so-great picture of our booth set-up:

and here's one of christine:

and here are a few of my little set-up:

while the weather was not so cooperative, we kept a positive outlook and made the best of it -- heck, what can ya do about the weather? saturday was brutally hot (even i, who am usually cool as a cucumber and impervious to heat-spells, felt more than a little wilted) for most of the day and then, at 4:30, what we thought was going to be a passing shower ended up to be a CRAZY, INTENSE, outta-control thunder and lightning and rain storm. dammit! we were stuck under our tent canopy for two hours, fretting about our merchandise and the fate of our booth. the storm let up for just enough time for us to quickly load our stuff into chad's zipcar and get out of there.
the next morning, we arrived to find that our tent and booth and pegboard display set-up were all still intact, albeit a little soggy. although we had spots of showers and short bursts of rainy rain throughout the day, things were better on sunday.
overall -- i'd say it was a great experience. in all honesty, i had hoped that sales would have been a little better, but really, everything else worked out so well that it didnt really matter.
thanks SO SO SO much to all of my friends who stopped by - it was awesome to see you all and i felt so flattered and happy and thankful and squishy inside that so many of you came to see me. janna and oscar and aunt pat and ding-dong and guy and laura and joe and ron and jay and alex and jordan and sarah and amanda and megan and jack and leila.... (i REALLY hope i didnt miss anyone...) wow! you peeps are great. i love you.
i had the WONDERFUL experience of re-connecting with long-lost friend jess and i am SO happy to hear that she is doing well and to see that she is making such great stuff. she's opening a store soon! hooray! so proud of her! years ago, jess and i took a trip to paris together and had a great time eating crepes and bon-bons and looking for the cool kids.
the other greatest thing about the fair was talking to and meeting people and getting such wonderfully kind feedback about my work. thanks to everyone who i came by and chatted me up!

13 June, 2008

come and get it

here are some quick shots of some of the new items i whipped up for renegade:

hand-towels (HA HA -- hand towels -- i do crack myself up!)

and stacks of new zippy pouches ready to go:

fingers crossed that the people like 'em...

11 June, 2008


sorry -- no updates lately. i've been trying to get my act together for the renegade craft fair in brooklyn this weekend.
this is the kind of stuff i've been doing:

workin' on my product and display. (but this, as pictured, is SO not the way that it will stay -- just experimenting with different hooks and stuff.)
it's all coming together swimmingly. tomorrow i'm gonna try to take and post some photos of everything i've got tagged and labeled and finished and ready to go!

05 June, 2008

alphabetical disorder

although it wasn't part of my original plan of attack,, i decided to put together a cross-stitch alphabet for my display at renegade.

i am loving some of these new typographies that i found on old samplers.
just a few more letters to go...

02 June, 2008

in the bag

here's the latest to come out of my one-woman factory:

i'm using that fantastic fabric that i found to make a bunch of zip-pouches for renegade. i hadn't made a pouch, or used the zipper foot on my sewing machine, for quite some time, so i whipped up this practice one the other day. oooooh, i love it.
i'm keeping this one, so i put the label on the outside (advertising, you know?). the others that i make to sell will have the label on the inside.
i've got all of the fabric cut and stacked and ready to sew... that's the project of the day.