27 January, 2011

same day different kit

a new kit is in the shop!

i had several requests to create a kit for my school-house-script home-sweet-home pattern - so i've done just that. check it out, now you can get the complete little package; the pattern plus all the supplies you need to complete the project. this one comes with a 5 inch embroidery hoop - a little bigger than the others!
also of note about the kits in my shop -- they're now being sold at lower prices! i'm now packaging them in clear plastic sleeves, instead of the hand made sewn drawstring pouches. while i will miss making the drawstring pouches (it gave me a reason to buy cute fabrics!), this cuts out a step in the process as well as materials costs - therefore, lowering my costs, so i can lower your cost!
next week i'll be introducing two new kits, so stay tuned. (to see the current offerings and their new nice prices, click here.)

26 January, 2011

miss midas

i stitched this one up last night. i so loved the first "stay gold" piece that it did. and i was happy and sad at the same time to have had it sold off the wall at THIS. and then i thought to do it in metallic gold stitches. yes. i think i'm gonna have to put in another request for a custom-built whiskey and chocolate frame for this one, too.
(my beloved golden apc ballet flats are looking a little worse for the wear. booo! anyone have any suggestions on how to clean them?)

25 January, 2011

joyous update

several months ago, in november, i showed a project i had done as a custom order for a december wedding. (here)
well, last night i got an email from newly wed jessica sharing photos of my little piece in action at her reception. take a look:

so pretty! the sizing worked out perfectly! and i love what she's done with the ribbons. thanks so much for sharing, jessica!
(photo by kate headley.)

24 January, 2011

that's my funday...

a couple of weeks ago, once i was back in california, i determined to work on my work/life balance a little. i realize that i work way too much, but the thing is; i almost don't know how not to.... it's my job to be stitching and making all of the time - but that's what i love doing anyway, so what else can i do?

i did, however, realize that i had gotten really far from the practice of making things just for the heck of it. i used to do so many different little crafty things with my time. now, and for the past number of years since chez-sucre-chez has been my bread and butter, i tend to feel the need to only be working on projects related to the business and making income.
in an attempt for better balance, i've created sunday funday for myself; one day a week where i use my creative energy for absolutely non chez-sucre-chez work. it's my day to play with mediums outside of embroidery floss and aida cloth - to do projects that i've been meaning to do for years - to try something new.
the funny thing about starting this new discipline was that it had been so long since i've thought like this that yesterday, i couldnt think of a project that i wanted to do! so i went to the purlbee blog for inspiration, and that's when i realized that i hadnt even looked though any of those inspiration/project blogs in such a long time! so i had a lot of catching up to do, and spent several hours clicking and reading. it was delightful.
rather late into my sunday funday, i decided that i wanted to play with felt and that i would make these beautiful little rose barrettes for my niece and for the many other adorable little daughters of my friends.

with such a late start, and with a party raging outside my door, i only finished one complete barrette and then i was eager to socialize a bit and to see the barrette in the hair of one of the little lovelies running around the back yard. by then, it was too dark for a photo, but oh my goodness, did izzy ever look sweet with that little red rose in her hair. (i'll try for a pic next time i see her or one of the other wee girls.)
i came back in later in the evening and finished the rest of the roses. next is to make and attach them to the barrette part. but that might have to wait a little...
i'm not sure if i'll stick to my plan for EVERY sunday, but it's at least giving me a goal/structure to strive for. i'm excited about it. stay tuned.

20 January, 2011

new additions

i haven't been doing so much stitching the past few days, except for on the orders that i have. instead, i've been photographing pieces and updating the shops. sheeesh, that takes SO long! it's my least favourite part of the process, honestly. but i'm almost finished - this round - for now.
take a look - i've updated the bigcartel shop A LOT. my thinking right now is that i'm going to use that as the place where i list most of my one-of-a-kind/limited edition cross-stitch pieces, and that i'll use the etsy shop more for the pieces that i make multiples of and for the more "product" part of my line. does that make sense? well, i'm going to test it out and see how it goes. my concern is just that my etsy shop gets so much more traffic - just from random etsy users and searches and treasuries. it's a really really powerful site. hmm, maybe i should be doing it the other way around. eh, whatever. it is there for now. now i just need to work harder on promotion. anyone have any insight/suggestions? i'd be happy to hear them! in the meantime - check out the new goods. here.

17 January, 2011

still reeling...

finally - a new piece added to the shop! "reel around the fountain" came up on my ipod shuffle yesterday and hearing those lyrics, i thought, "oh yes, that needs to be stitched." the color scheme is quite different from my usual, no? while stitching, i was looking at the colors and wondering how i decided on them - i came up with the story that the colors are very winnie the pooh -- pooh bear + bees..... maybe? really, i was looking for a new neutral. or just something different. anyways, i think it works for this piece. i like the photos i got of it for the etsy listing. (i didn't use this one of me in my slippers!) the new colors gave me new things to try with the photos. go check 'em out! (here)

16 January, 2011

ooh, it's been a while...

...hasn't it? i'm sorry, i've been terrible about keeping up the blog.

i've been doing plenty -- lots of blog-worthy projects in making and baking - but i've been so unmotivated to take photos along the way! and who wants to hear about the lemon souffles that i made, or the rug i knit for my bathroom, or about any of the projects that i'm trying to get through, without photos? i don't think it's nearly as interesting without images to accompany the stories. so, that's why i haven't posted....
and, i admit, it's also because i haven't exactly been kicking ass with work... i had a really lovely little break spending time with people that i love and doing extended christmas-ing and new-years-ing.
but now i'm back on the west coast and it's been in the 80's since my return and that's making me feel energized and motivated!
with all this sunshine, it'll be a lot easier to take photos and keep up with my projects and posts - okay? good. thank you.
(above -- little cakes baked today in my new favourite cast iron baking mold. {thank you, b!} they're flavored with lemon from our beautiful lemon tree - which is covered in the fruit right now!)
sending you all sunshine, - kj.