27 January, 2011

same day different kit

a new kit is in the shop!

i had several requests to create a kit for my school-house-script home-sweet-home pattern - so i've done just that. check it out, now you can get the complete little package; the pattern plus all the supplies you need to complete the project. this one comes with a 5 inch embroidery hoop - a little bigger than the others!
also of note about the kits in my shop -- they're now being sold at lower prices! i'm now packaging them in clear plastic sleeves, instead of the hand made sewn drawstring pouches. while i will miss making the drawstring pouches (it gave me a reason to buy cute fabrics!), this cuts out a step in the process as well as materials costs - therefore, lowering my costs, so i can lower your cost!
next week i'll be introducing two new kits, so stay tuned. (to see the current offerings and their new nice prices, click here.)

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