02 February, 2011

full of kit(s)

okay - here's one more kit just added to the shop. and now i'm finished with new kits for a while and it's back to stitching for me.
i am so loving the colors of this one -- deep deep violet on a background of that platinum-colored aida cloth that i've been so fond of lately. my great aunt mary (of whom i've written many times in this here blog) loved the color purple. she had the most beautiful sheet set, printed with tiny little violets on white. oh my goodness, i wish i had those sheets.

check it out here.
(i've got several other posts in the works - just need to take some photos to accompany them! i hope to get to that soon soon soon!)

(ha! i just realized that i wrote about aunt mary and her sheets the last time i did a project in purple. see, aunt mary and her sheet set REALLY made an impression on me! she was so cool!)

1 comment:

Leila said...

Wow, I totally love this one! It may be my favorite of your wreaths (all of which are great)!