08 February, 2011

it was a scooperbowl

i'm sorry; it's another ice cream post.
sunday's flavour was:
fresh mint from the garden:

plus cacao nibs from the always-inspiring spice station:

plus family-farmed cream, local(ish) happy chicken eggs, organic sugar and milk:

such hoity-toity ingredients, eh? it's worth it. this was the first of these batches that i made custard-style, with eggs. i used
david lebovitz's recipe (here - ps; i've just discovered mister lebovitz - i'm an instant fan; his blog is delightful!) and it certainly was good, and pretty (sorry, i didn't take any photos of the finished ice cream...) but i think i am definitely more interested in the non-egg recipes; they're just so pure and delicious!
i also whipped up a batch of strawberry that morning and took all of the different kinds i've made over the past week over to be shared with friends while the dudes watched football.

coming up soon - crafting with a whole big bag of sawdust. (what?!??) you'll see...

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Leila said...

Yum! I can't wait for summer!