15 February, 2011

residual heart-shaped sweetness

last night i baked up a batch of sweets for my far-away sweet:

they're the peanut butter and jelly (well, half are filled with strawberry jam, the other half are filled with nutella) sandwich cookies that i often make, but cut into heart shapes this time to go with the valentine season.

and that reminded me of some other heart-shaped treats i've made before and i decided that i'd go ahead and share:

two notes: one - the marbles won't explode. i was worried about that, too. they will be very hot, though, so leave them in the tin until they've cooled! and two - that's not my voice.


Jamie said...

These sound yummy! And thank you sooo much for posting this video about heart shape cupcakes! My bf's birthday is coming up and he's on a health kick, I'm going to make him a bunch of heart shaped muffins for his breakfasts! I just spent over an hour on that website watching videos!!

chezkimberly said...

hey jaime -
i'm not sure if the heart shape will have QUITe the same effect on muffins. it's really best to exaggerate the shape with icing -- although the top part of the "heart" becomes clearly defined, due to the marble trick, the bottom of the cupcakes/muffins remains rounded. i found that it looked best when you coerce the icing into a point at the bottom. glad you are liking the videos, though!

Jamie said...

You were right...the hearts didn't come out as well with the muffins as the cupcakes but that's ok, they're still cute!
You can take a look if you want!


Thanks again for the video...I'm kind of addicted to all the videos on that site now =P