13 February, 2011

a little bit of thanks

thank you for your comments of encouragement on my last post; i really really do appreciate your support. i definitely tend to over-think things a lot, giving myself freak-outs and mega doubts. it's helpful to hear that people appreciate what i'm doing. thank you! here's a shot of my studio wall at the moment, displaying the current collection of cursive-style quote pieces. previously, they were all over the place, and then i arranged them that way this morning to take the shot. i LOVE the way the colors and size differences look in this grouping!


Leila said...

I've been m.i.a. on the blog front for the past few days but I just saw this post and the other about the cursive quotes and just want to say that I still think they're cool and, hey, if people still like them, why not keep making them (as long as you're not bored)? Stitch on!!

chezkimberly said...

thank you, leila!