24 February, 2011

my daily cuteness freakout

these were the first images i looked at this morning, and my heart nearly exploded with joy:

my sister sent them to me; they're done by my FOUR YEAR OLD niece bella. (okay, she's almost five.) HOW FREAKING AWESOME ARE THESE??? in case you need explanation - they were drawn for my grandmother (bella's grandnan) for her birthday. the top one is a cardinal, one of grandnan's favourite birds - and the bottom one is grandnan and a cardinal. i don't know why there are such menacing looking grey clouds in that bottom picture, but i'm thinking it's because she was going for a color theme. i'm gonna have to ask her about that - and about all the magic fringe that seems to be coming from nan's dress.
wow. totally rad.
check her out in her "artist's beret" that she requested for christmas, and her smock that i made her, at her easel:

and here's the portrait she did of b and me on the chalkboard wall on christmas day:

oh, the details! my hair - all piled up on my head as per my usual style, my necklace, my eyelashes, b's beard. and then there's our shoes:

whoa. totally kills me with cuteness.
also killing me in the best way is this one by nephew aidyn:

that's me - in jean shorts with black tights underneath and a vest over my nautical stripe longsleeve shirt. can we all agree that the way he's done the stripes on the sleeves is absolutely brilliant?! (oh, and as he explained to me - the purple piece near my head is a dialogue bubble of me saying, "hi" and the red is a book in my hand.)
oh my, i love those little boogers.


Mollyandollie said...

THanks for starting my day so delightfully!!! Those are amazing!!

Jamie said...

these are absolutely adorable!!