08 May, 2014

Rediscovered Travel Inspiration (Barcelona)

I'm a pretty terrible blogger anymore, huh? I'm sorry! I've written a score of blog posts in my head over the past week or two or three, and none of them have made it here yet. Ooops.
Really, if you're ever looking to see what chez-sucre-chez is up to, the best place to find me these days is on Instagram (user name chezsucrechez) - and if you don't have a smarty phone or an Instagram account, you can always see what I've been posting via the Instagram link on the chez-sucre-chez website, here. :)

For today, I just wanted to check in and post a few random shots that I found while digging around on my old hard-drive.
The following are from a trip to Spain that I took way back in 2004 with one of my best friends. We visited Park Guell in Barcelona, which was designed by architect Antoni Gaudi, and I was just so taken by the broken tile mosaics that make up the large bench that runs through the square.
The colors and patterns of old dishes/crockery has long been an inspiration for me and my work. In fact, I recently did an interview for a magazine (which I still need to post here on the blog), and that very thing, old dishes, was one of the items I listed as my inspiration. I'd completely forgotten these photos I snapped and the sense of wonder and excitement that I felt when I first saw this work in person at Park Guell. I'm glad I stumbled upon these photos today!

These other ones were taken at the bird market on Las Ramblas. As an animal-lover, I'm not sure how I feel about the bird market (I wonder if it's even still there?) but I did love seeing all of those colorful birds. My photos weren't quite what I was going for; it's tough to capture those quick-moving birds through the bars of the cages - but I actually like how they came out kind of blurred and strangely cropped...Made me think of the boxes of Joseph Cornell. Looking at them now, I'm swooning over the colors and patterns of those feathers -- all of the subtle gradations and irregular markings.

Kind of makes me want to paint.... !!! Happy Spring, friends - it looks like it's finally here!