31 January, 2012

one day, three ways

well, three photos, anyway.
the latest custom job stitched up and being sent on its way across the sea:

and, i finally got around to taking a photo of a "home is..." piece in black and white done in the new 8 x 10 format:

this one's getting packed up and sent away, too -- but not across the sea... just to seattle.

27 January, 2012


oh my it is a grey and dreary morning here in south eastern PA. it's too dark to take any new photos for the blog, so i'm posting a snapshot i took last saturday, after breakfast:

i wish all this rain was snow! the snow from last weekend stuck around for maybe two days and then it was gone. i've been feeling really cheated by the winter so far this year; more snow days, please!

my friend jill brought me these beautiful tulips:

i love the little lines of red on them.

now back to stitching for me... several custom orders in the works and another couple of sets of L.O.V.E. letters for terrain.
have a good weekend, all!

24 January, 2012

while speaking of love...

here are a couple of pieces that i did a few months ago for one of my favourite client couples:

last year, donna contacted me and we worked to create this piece (my first 8 x 10) for her husband as an anniversary gift.
well, this year, wasn't i pleased as punch (and swooning over the sweetness) when her husband contacted me about doing a piece for donna this year. (how sweet, right?!)

(jason's gift to donna - lyrics from "you've made me so very happy" - the lou rawls version.)

just wait -- it gets even sweeter. while jason (husband) and i were working out the design and details of the piece to be made for donna, donna contacted me about getting another (surprise) piece for jason. HOW STINKIN' RAD IS THAT?

(donna's gift to jason - lyrics from "you're the the best thing" by the style council.)

and that both pieces feature such totally awesome lyrics makes me wish that donna and jason lived closer so that we could be friends.

i love getting to do projects like this!

19 January, 2012

a lot like love

my l.o.v.e. letters have hit the (virtual) shelves of terrain!

i like how, on a very stark white background, they show/suggest how they can be arranged on a wall stacked, or horizontally.

(they're actually stitched on linen, not canvas...)

here they were stitched up and ready to be trimmed:

trimmed, labels getting affixed:

and here's how i had them bundled for shipping:

do you love them? i'm not sure if they're being sold in the store -- this might be an item that's only available through terrain online. i'll check today -- the store is only a couple of miles away (yes, i'm lucky) and i've got errands to run in the shopping center nearby anyway. so perhaps there'll be an update here?

17 January, 2012


what a lovely sweet endorsement from daily candy for chez-sucre-chez cross-stitch kits! (see here.) i'm tickled pink with the short little description --- happy to see that others like what I do.
this week I'll be doing lots of kit-making --- chez-sucre-chez has some new retailers, meaning you'll be able to find my kits at shops across the US. i hope to be adding to my list of retailers this year - if you've got any suggestions for shops where you think my kits would fit, please let me know!
happy tuesday!

08 January, 2012

a sunrise, a walk, a fire, and a preview

just some random things for you today...

first, this sunrise:

b gets credit for the photo. at that hour, he's awake and up and taking real photos out the window (lifting the screen), while i just take camera shots out the window from my pillow. (you may have seen some of those on my twitter over the past couple months.)

second, two snapshots from our saturday walk - through woods and fields:

close to where we live is a really wonderful collection of nature preserves. we've been picking different ones to walk on weekend days when the weather's nice. (this one was cheslen preserve.)

third, saturday night backyard bonfire:

(goodbye, chrismas tree. and goodbye, old chez-sucre-chez display boards!)

and last (and more relevant to usual blog posts here), little hints of what i've been working on. you'll be seeing more of both of these projects soon!

beautiful ladies' hankies:

(oh my goodness, i'm so excited to show you what i've got up my sleeve with these! they're done - i just need to take the listing/post photos! soon?!!!?!!)

and lots of love letters coming off the hoop:

(you've seen these from me before, but you'll hear more about where these ones are headed soon!)

i hope you all had a delightful weekend!