27 January, 2012


oh my it is a grey and dreary morning here in south eastern PA. it's too dark to take any new photos for the blog, so i'm posting a snapshot i took last saturday, after breakfast:

i wish all this rain was snow! the snow from last weekend stuck around for maybe two days and then it was gone. i've been feeling really cheated by the winter so far this year; more snow days, please!

my friend jill brought me these beautiful tulips:

i love the little lines of red on them.

now back to stitching for me... several custom orders in the works and another couple of sets of L.O.V.E. letters for terrain.
have a good weekend, all!


DPLblog said...

Those tulips look like your stitching...a little red on a field of white. Ever stitch tulips?

chez-sucre-chez said...

look at you blogging, mr dpl. i'm glad to see it. i have your site bookmarked now and will be sure to check in on you. i *have* stitched tulips, but not in a long time... i like this idea you've planted in my head.. :)