24 January, 2012

while speaking of love...

here are a couple of pieces that i did a few months ago for one of my favourite client couples:

last year, donna contacted me and we worked to create this piece (my first 8 x 10) for her husband as an anniversary gift.
well, this year, wasn't i pleased as punch (and swooning over the sweetness) when her husband contacted me about doing a piece for donna this year. (how sweet, right?!)

(jason's gift to donna - lyrics from "you've made me so very happy" - the lou rawls version.)

just wait -- it gets even sweeter. while jason (husband) and i were working out the design and details of the piece to be made for donna, donna contacted me about getting another (surprise) piece for jason. HOW STINKIN' RAD IS THAT?

(donna's gift to jason - lyrics from "you're the the best thing" by the style council.)

and that both pieces feature such totally awesome lyrics makes me wish that donna and jason lived closer so that we could be friends.

i love getting to do projects like this!


Megan Woodard Johnson said...

This is the best story ever!

chez-sucre-chez said...

i think it's pretty great, too...
thanks, megan!