08 January, 2012

a sunrise, a walk, a fire, and a preview

just some random things for you today...

first, this sunrise:

b gets credit for the photo. at that hour, he's awake and up and taking real photos out the window (lifting the screen), while i just take camera shots out the window from my pillow. (you may have seen some of those on my twitter over the past couple months.)

second, two snapshots from our saturday walk - through woods and fields:

close to where we live is a really wonderful collection of nature preserves. we've been picking different ones to walk on weekend days when the weather's nice. (this one was cheslen preserve.)

third, saturday night backyard bonfire:

(goodbye, chrismas tree. and goodbye, old chez-sucre-chez display boards!)

and last (and more relevant to usual blog posts here), little hints of what i've been working on. you'll be seeing more of both of these projects soon!

beautiful ladies' hankies:

(oh my goodness, i'm so excited to show you what i've got up my sleeve with these! they're done - i just need to take the listing/post photos! soon?!!!?!!)

and lots of love letters coming off the hoop:

(you've seen these from me before, but you'll hear more about where these ones are headed soon!)

i hope you all had a delightful weekend!


Simone Arrais said...

Hi, Kimberly! I want to know if you are able to sell this patterns. They are beautiful! I would love to embroider. Please, amil me if it's possible: simone_1975@yahoo.com

Simone Arrais said...

Sorry, I should write "mail me". lol

Anonymous said...

Yo Kimberly! You used to teach the 5th grade at p.s.i.s 187, am I right?

chezkimberly said...

Simone -- I sent you an email.
Anonymous -- yep. You found me. Feel free to email me at chezsucrechez (at) gmail dot com. (Much easier/better communication than via my blog comments.) :)