29 November, 2012


New York friends; here's something exciting for you -- Etsy is doing a brick and mortar pop-up shop and it's stocked with some of the very best of Etsy - and that happens to include a few chez-sucre-chez kits... !!!
At craft fairs like Art Star, and Renegade, and Crafty Bastards, an often-overheard remark is "it's like Etsy come to life!" and that always makes me smile, because it is true --- those awesome events are quite like that, and packed to the gills with the independent creative artists that Etsy has so awesomely nurtured and supported for the past years. Well THIS, my friends, is really, truly, Etsy come to life!

The shop is set up in SOHO, and it's only going to be there for a few days, starting today and running through Dec. 8th. I wish I could make it up there to see! It'd be so fun to see in person so many of these things that I've only gawked at online. So - if you can, you should go see it and shop your face off! Here's the (beautifully well designed) site for the shop, where you can find all the details.

Here's another exciting little tidbit about the pop-up shop and how my items got there. Etsy had some of their favorite interesting people/personalities to curate the shop and guess who chose mine? Martha Stewart!?!?!!!!! What-what?! Yes, I do think that's so super awesome. (Thank you!)

And, maybe you saw me twitter or facebook about it, but if not, check out my kits on the Martha Stewart website. (See the post here.)

Hooray! Seriously, being the mega fan of all things Martha Stewart and her team of amazing creative talent, this makes me really, really happy and proud.

Okay, that's it for now - I have sooo much work to do. More soon!

26 November, 2012

cyber monday oops carries into tuesday

Hello blog friends!
I completely forgot to post here about my cyber-monday sale, and I know that many of you don't check in on the facebook and the twitter -- so I'm posting now and extending the sale items through Tuesday!

Kits are 4 for $44. (But you know you can actually get that deal for another few weeks through the shhh shop.)

Tea towels are 2 for $32 (regularly $36)

And ornament kits are $8 (regularly $10)

That's it! Thanks so much for your support through these years! xo!
(click to shop here.)

23 November, 2012

small business love

i know - there's so much to-do about shopping these couple of days; black friday, small-business saturday, cyber monday, and there's maybe one or two marketing holidays this week that i don't know about...
while i don't want to force any do-gooder or pushy-saleswoman rhetoric in your face, i do hope that you'll support independent merchants and artisans this holiday season - your support and dollars really do mean a HUGE deal to us.

this saturday, as you're out and about, perhaps you can pop into and make a purchase at one of these fine independently-owned businesses - all good people/businesses that i can vouch for!

art star boutique: philadelphia, pa
megan and erin, who own this boutique selling wares by independent artisans, are awesome. i need to send them more kits, but go shop there and see what else they've got!

blue fish grill: flemington, nj
owned by my sister and her husband, the bfg makes a danm fine veggie burger, but what they're really known for is their fish & chips and wood-fired grilled fish and steaks and stuff.

cafe chismosa: philadelphia, pa
owned by my high school boyfriend (awwwww), the menu at chismosa makes me wish i lived a lot closer to philly. veggie friendly with super good coffee and lots of fresh daily specials.

clay, wood & cotton: beacon, ny
i've been working with these lovely ladies for a few years now, but never have made it to the shop. so you should go, and tell me how great it is! stocks chez-sucre-chez, but i definitely owe them more merch!

domestica: des moines, ia
i wish i lived closer so i could shop here! chrissy stocks chez-sucre-chez kits - go get 'em!

the foundrie: st. louis, mo
great place for gift shopping! despite its location in a mall, the foundrie is independently owned and supports independent artists by selling their work at a really fair consignment cut. they sell chez-sucre-chez kits; buy 'em up!

french garment cleaners: fort greene, brooklyn
owned by my friends alec and greg, french garment cleaners stocks nicey nice clothes (and a few home items) for men and women. stop in and tell them i say hello; i don't see those guys nearly enough anymore.

harvest coffee roastery: medford, nj
owned by the father/family of jaime/general-merriment, this is a new small business in the town where i went to high school. they're roasting up (and serving) coffee as well as selling a carefully curated selection of goods from local/small-business artisans, including chez-sucre-chez!

bringin' 'em back

maybe i'm a little crazy in the head, but i've just brought back a bunch of classic chez-sucre-chez custom-stitched items/options and put them in the shop. i was digging through images on my old hard drive and saw photos of all of these items and thought, well now, that's a nice option to have in the shop, especially around holiday time...

remember these oldies but goodies?

the love letters:

first seen here, now available again here.

the hand-embroidered hand towel:

first seen here, back in the shop here.

to die by your side...

first stitched up in october 2010 as a custom piece for my friend curtis to give to his girlfriend (who is now his wife!). i've stitched up and sold a few for/at events,including my little gallery show at THIS los angeles, where it was snapped up by stylist shirley kurata and photographed/featured in her home tour on refinery29. and now it's now available in my shop (here) as a custom-stitched piece.

another custom option now back in the shop is this one:

from thunder road, by the boss, mister bruce springsteen.
i really wish i had a better photo of this piece.. i've done it a few times in various colors, but these are the only photos i can find. maybe someone will order one soon and i'll stitch it up and snap a better shot of it! maybe that someone will be you? it's up in the shop here.

and, the next two items have been re-listed thanks to requests that came in JUST THIS MORNING. (it's not even 10am!)

the piggy goes to market tote!

thanks for the suggestion, meghan! i only have *four* of these totes left, find them in the shop here.

and this much-loved piece:

thanks to sven (okay, i was going to put this one back up anyway, but this morning's email got me to do it a lot more quickly!) it's back in the shop, custom stitched. find it here.

now if i actually get orders for all of these things, i am going to be a *very* busy girl, and it might even get to the point where i have to limit items or pull them back out of the shop if i get too overwhelmed. i'm hoping for a perfectly happy balance of busy, but not nuts. snap 'em up early if you want 'em!

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving, friends. happy holiday season!!

20 November, 2012


last year for xmas, emil got a present that he loves much more than i would ever imagine;

B's mom got/gave emil a little cat-sized pillow, stuffed with a mixture of fluff and catnip. when we got home and gave it to him that night, the 14 year old cat went bonkers. he rolled all over it, wrestled it, threw it up in the air, pounced on it, and then, finally, snuggled it and fell asleep with his head on it just like a person.
it's almost a full year later and he STILL loves that pillow, playing with or sleeping next to it almost every day.
so - i've been meaning to make some up, chez-sucre-chez style. the one he has is so fantastic, the only thing i'd change about it is the fabric. and that's what i've done.

after i made the first one up today, i gave it to emil to test out. this is what ensued:

and then he finally settled down enough that i could get some straight shots without any blur:

happiness! so, since this was such a success, i made up a few more and put them in the shop. you, too, can give the gift of bliss to your fuzzy friend!
made out of scraps from the bowl covers (you know i love to keep this world a greener place by using up my scraps!), new polyfill stuffing, and local farm-grown catnip, the pillows are sewn with double-stitched seams, and then zip-zag sewn on top of that to make them wild animal proof. fabrics will change as i go through stock, so check in often to see what's new, and if you see one you love, snap it up!

busy days

my goodness my goodness work has been busy here with chez-sucre-chez, and although so many exciting things have been happening, i've been too busy to stop long enough to post about them, and now i forget half of those great things!
still in the midst of busy-ness, here are just a couple of things from recent weeks.

the new colors for monogram towels are in:
and holy shazaam am i ever busy with the monogram towel orders, already. it's wonderful, and busy. i'm super thankful that many people are getting orders in early. as of today, i am *just* about caught up, meaning that i'm feeling a-okay about getting more orders. (so um, if you're thinking of ordering monogram towels for holiday gifts, erh, a-hem, please get those orders in ASAP! it'll make both you and me happy!)

oooooh, and while speaking of monogram towels, and about getting orders for them in early, allow me to let you in on a little secret:

the chez-sucre-chez shhhhh shop, as in, it's kind of a little secret, but i'm telling my favourite people about it. you happen to be one of those favourite people, so now you know. the shop has a limited selection of goodies, but they're batch deals and the shipping on them is USPS Priority mail, so it's meant to be that you get the most bang for your buck for product and shipping combined. in the shop you will find:

the mulling spice packets:

created for terrain, and sold only there elsewhere, these little bundles make for super sweet gifts.

wanting to have some left-overs for myself to give as gifts, i purchased extra supplies when i placed my original spice order, and then as i got making them, i realized i wanted to make even more extras so that i could offer them to you, so i went back and ordered some more. these were such a hit at DC's Crafty Bastards that they were gone within three hours!

i'm selling them in bundles of two, because, weighing in at almost a half a pound each, shipping is cheaper if they're sent two in a padded flat-rate envelope. (three would fit, really, so if you want three, contact me and i'll create a special order for you.)

also in the shh shop is a great deal on the diy cross-stitch kits:

do the math -- if your ordering any combination except all 3" kits, it's a steal of a deal!

this is a great incentive to stock up on kits to make and give or keep - great winter projects, great sweet gifts.

oh, and the ornament kits are a part of that deal. although they're 3" kits, so if you're just looking to get one or two of those, get them from the etsy shop, but if you want to put one on your order along with three other bigger kits, go for the super shhh shop deal.

aaaand, the monogram towels are in the shh shop, in a four for $64 deal. ($64 is better than paying $72 right?!) Shipping on those is also USPS Priority flat rate, so you save some $$ there, too. Hooray for bargains! The monogram towel deal will only be up while stock (full color selection of towels) and time (i've only got two hands!) allows, so as i said above, get those orders in early if you can.

oh, there is still so much to tell you about, but i gotta get back to stitching!
happy tuesday, everyone! and, if i don't get back here before thursday, happy thanksgiving! i'm thankful for each and every one of you! xxoo!

01 November, 2012

start making your lists...

of naughty and nice.
i'm now in full-swing holiday season prep mode for chez-sucre-chez. expect lots of new shop updates over the next couple of weeks.
first up are the new napkin colors.

in addition to the classic cream/ivory, i'm now offering the monogram napkins in deep festive red:

and crisp medium/navy blue:

(haven't had a chance yet to stitch up a sample on the blue....)

napkins are available as singles or sets, with options for monogram placement. check them out in the shop.

coming up soon - the new tea towel and hand towel colors.