23 November, 2012

bringin' 'em back

maybe i'm a little crazy in the head, but i've just brought back a bunch of classic chez-sucre-chez custom-stitched items/options and put them in the shop. i was digging through images on my old hard drive and saw photos of all of these items and thought, well now, that's a nice option to have in the shop, especially around holiday time...

remember these oldies but goodies?

the love letters:

first seen here, now available again here.

the hand-embroidered hand towel:

first seen here, back in the shop here.

to die by your side...

first stitched up in october 2010 as a custom piece for my friend curtis to give to his girlfriend (who is now his wife!). i've stitched up and sold a few for/at events,including my little gallery show at THIS los angeles, where it was snapped up by stylist shirley kurata and photographed/featured in her home tour on refinery29. and now it's now available in my shop (here) as a custom-stitched piece.

another custom option now back in the shop is this one:

from thunder road, by the boss, mister bruce springsteen.
i really wish i had a better photo of this piece.. i've done it a few times in various colors, but these are the only photos i can find. maybe someone will order one soon and i'll stitch it up and snap a better shot of it! maybe that someone will be you? it's up in the shop here.

and, the next two items have been re-listed thanks to requests that came in JUST THIS MORNING. (it's not even 10am!)

the piggy goes to market tote!

thanks for the suggestion, meghan! i only have *four* of these totes left, find them in the shop here.

and this much-loved piece:

thanks to sven (okay, i was going to put this one back up anyway, but this morning's email got me to do it a lot more quickly!) it's back in the shop, custom stitched. find it here.

now if i actually get orders for all of these things, i am going to be a *very* busy girl, and it might even get to the point where i have to limit items or pull them back out of the shop if i get too overwhelmed. i'm hoping for a perfectly happy balance of busy, but not nuts. snap 'em up early if you want 'em!

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving, friends. happy holiday season!!

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