29 November, 2012


New York friends; here's something exciting for you -- Etsy is doing a brick and mortar pop-up shop and it's stocked with some of the very best of Etsy - and that happens to include a few chez-sucre-chez kits... !!!
At craft fairs like Art Star, and Renegade, and Crafty Bastards, an often-overheard remark is "it's like Etsy come to life!" and that always makes me smile, because it is true --- those awesome events are quite like that, and packed to the gills with the independent creative artists that Etsy has so awesomely nurtured and supported for the past years. Well THIS, my friends, is really, truly, Etsy come to life!

The shop is set up in SOHO, and it's only going to be there for a few days, starting today and running through Dec. 8th. I wish I could make it up there to see! It'd be so fun to see in person so many of these things that I've only gawked at online. So - if you can, you should go see it and shop your face off! Here's the (beautifully well designed) site for the shop, where you can find all the details.

Here's another exciting little tidbit about the pop-up shop and how my items got there. Etsy had some of their favorite interesting people/personalities to curate the shop and guess who chose mine? Martha Stewart!?!?!!!!! What-what?! Yes, I do think that's so super awesome. (Thank you!)

And, maybe you saw me twitter or facebook about it, but if not, check out my kits on the Martha Stewart website. (See the post here.)

Hooray! Seriously, being the mega fan of all things Martha Stewart and her team of amazing creative talent, this makes me really, really happy and proud.

Okay, that's it for now - I have sooo much work to do. More soon!

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