27 May, 2011

big deer little deer

these little pretties are going off to scarsdale new york today. there, they'll join the original deer in the snow/stars piece that i did and they'll hang in a group with the large one in the middle and the two small ones on the sides - fair isle style. cool right? the idea was that of mara, a client who who saw the original piece on one of my sites and contacted me to purchase it. once she got it, she said she liked it so much that she wanted more pieces to make a collection, and then she came up with the fair isle concept. at first, i was a little wary (not of her wanting more pieces, of course, but of the challenge of creating the same piece in a larger size), because i didn't know how the larger stitches would look (i used four squares on the aida instead of one to make each stitch) but now that i've done it i think you can expect to see a lot more of these big stitchings on chez-sucre-chez. hooray and thank you to mara for challenging and inspiring me to do new things!

25 May, 2011

may spawned a beauty

this one's the latest. it's a quote from morrissey's "november spawned a monster" but i can't take the credit for thinking to do this quote; it was the brilliant thought of one of my clients. i love how sweet the quote is all isolated and out of context. one who doesn't know the reference would never anticipate the stinging line that follows -- but that's what i think i like most about using these quotes as i have been. i love pulling these brilliant, sweet, witty little lines and putting them into the context of an old fashioned-inspired needlework piece. so, thank you joel, for inspiring me (via morrissey).

24 May, 2011

f yeah!

yippity yippity there's a new book out on the stands this month that features a photo of one of my little stitcheries.

i'd been contacted looooooong ago by lark, the publishers of this book, asking my permission to include one or more photos they'd found on my flickr page. of course i said yes and now, here it is:

my pretty little f piece out there for all the world to see.
and i'm so happy that it's got me listed as a resident of kutztown.
the book is a collection of photos of individual letters, and it goes from a though z. it's a sweet collection, and interesting to see where the photos came from. wanna see/read more? here's a link for you, and here's a little video preview.

18 May, 2011

two lumps please...

i posted this yesterday on the chez-sucre-chez facebook page (what, you don't know about it and "like" it already? well click on over and do that, then!) and i was hoping that i'd be able to get better photos today, but with the gloom and torrential rain that's been happening all day so far, i don't think that's gonna happen....
so, here it is; the latest custom order:

even more lyrics from "reel around the fountain," yeehaw!
i love my smiths-loving clients and the requests that they send my way. it's super fun to have reason to design and stitch these pieces!

i'm currently working on a custom piece with some david bowie lyrics... awesome. keep 'em coming!

16 May, 2011


thanks to everyone who came out to see us at art star in philly this past weekend and to the weather for not really affecting us so much as the forecast made us believe it would! this week i'll be doing lots of website and shop updating.. not so exciting, but essential... have a good week! i'll be back to stitching up and posting about new work asap!

09 May, 2011

art star 2011

this week, i will be busy stitching my little fingers off in preparation for the 2011 art star craft bazaar -- being held on penn's landing in philadelphia on may 14th & 15th. help me out by crossing your fingers that it won't rain and, if you're in the area, stop by and say hello; i'll be at booth number 4 with my pal melanie of spread the love. i hope to see you there!

04 May, 2011

miles and miles of sky

i've just returned from my trip back across the country - whoo-hoo - another good one. now i'm back on east coast soil and working on sorting my things out; getting organized and back to work all at the same time as looking for a home and studio. life is exciting.
this past trip across (going west to east) was absolutely inspirational in a totally different way as the first trip (going east to west).
on the first trip - i was completely infatuated with the sky of this great big country of ours. i took TONS of photos of it; some still and some through the window while driving. here's just a small selection of them:

(these first two are from some stretch of route 66... i don't remember where, exactly... maybe oklahoma?)



and then the work that was inspired by all this:

in the months after the trip, i stitched lots of new silver-lined cloud pieces. i'm working on finding a home for this particular group; i think i've got an idea.
i'm also now working on a series of pieces inspired by the recent trip.... i'll post them as soon as they're ready... (hopefully it won't take me a full six months like it did with this last one!)