04 May, 2011

miles and miles of sky

i've just returned from my trip back across the country - whoo-hoo - another good one. now i'm back on east coast soil and working on sorting my things out; getting organized and back to work all at the same time as looking for a home and studio. life is exciting.
this past trip across (going west to east) was absolutely inspirational in a totally different way as the first trip (going east to west).
on the first trip - i was completely infatuated with the sky of this great big country of ours. i took TONS of photos of it; some still and some through the window while driving. here's just a small selection of them:

(these first two are from some stretch of route 66... i don't remember where, exactly... maybe oklahoma?)



and then the work that was inspired by all this:

in the months after the trip, i stitched lots of new silver-lined cloud pieces. i'm working on finding a home for this particular group; i think i've got an idea.
i'm also now working on a series of pieces inspired by the recent trip.... i'll post them as soon as they're ready... (hopefully it won't take me a full six months like it did with this last one!)

1 comment:

Leila said...

Welcome back over here! Those photos do look like Oklahoma to me (where I'm originally from).

I can't wait to see what you're up to!