20 April, 2011

my, my, my serpentine

i stitched up this one and added it to the shop a few days ago:

it's quite cool, right? the pattern came from an antique border pattern that i found and adapted to the 5 x 7 frame size. i thought it was striking enough on its own and didn't need anything in the middle.

i had actually stitched one up very similar to this one for my show at the THIS gallery in december. but then, B liked it, so i gave it to him... i'm funny that way; i don't keep any of my pieces for myself, but then i like to give away my favourite ones to people who i like -- it sorta feels like keeping them close to me.
(below is a photo of my wall at the gallery -- i realized a while ago that i don't think i ever posted a photo of it!)

(ps - those two plants in the top two photos are the fabulous work of my friend claire. she's great.)

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Love it!! You are right, it doesn't need anything in the middle, it's perfect just on it's own!