08 April, 2011

going (back to) dutch

pennsylvania dutch, that is.

i've been very much neglecting my bigcartel shop lately, and that's probably not good of me so today, i added a brand-spankin' new item. i'm making up a few of these PA-dutch-inspired squares to take with me to the philadelphia art star craft bazaar the weekend of may 14-15 and this is the first one that i've finished.

it's finished in one of these custom-built frames by my friend brian of whiskey and chocolate, which makes it one-of-a-kind; pretty special, right? so, it may get scooped up off the bigcartel shop, but if not, you should stop by and see it in philly in may!

have a great weekend, all - i'm headed to death valley!

1 comment:

Leila said...

It looks just fantastic in that frame!!