25 October, 2006


also inspired by halloween -- more bloody girls.


I NEED YOUR SKUUUU-LL! it's nearing halloween - that means it's time to BREAK OUT THE SKULL MUFFIN TINS!! my brother-in-law gave these to me years ago (thanks, stacy!) and i love them so much. last night i whipped up some banana bread for them. i based it on a martha stewart recipe but tweaked it quite a bit. i was nervous about all the tweaks i made, because baking can be so tricky if you change the proportions -- but all turned out well. i brought the muffins into mogollon this morning and they were a big hit. the skulls don't look as good in banana bread as they do in chocolate, (the darker color makes the details more defined) but hey - you can't have chocolate all the time.

24 October, 2006

"I'm a badass little tooth."

this is another one of my older projects -- but i do think that it is one of my favourites. i did a series of little tooth-men last year. the first of the series was inspired by my dear friend dana b. -- she loves teeth things -- so i made her a tooth-man stuffed thing for her birthday. i loved the way it turned out so much that i wanted to make more. i made a few more and gave most of them away, but this little one was my favorite. i like to think of him as a scrappy little badass, with his black eye and all. he has been living at the mogollon studio for the past month or so but i snuck him home last night to take his photo.

23 October, 2006

blackbird in an octopus's garden

sunday's projects were beatles-inspired, i guess. well, the blackbird was, for sure. the idea for that came directly from the beatles song. i have it on a mix that i made recently and was listening to it and decided to make some blackbirds. so this is the first of what will probably be a collection. and the octopus, well, i actually started him months ago but he wasn't turning out quite as i had envisioned, so i kinda gave up on him. but this weekend, as i was rummaging around in one of my fabric piles, i found his unstuffed little body and decided to give him another try. once stuffed, he still wasn't all that great, but then i added the mustache and that is when he became special.

19 October, 2006

screamy insides

holy crap. i just saw science of sleep. i don't even know what to say. an hour later and my insides are still all crazy-feeling. i smiled AND cried at the same time through the WHOLE movie. seriously. my entire face and neck were wet with tears. we couldnt leave until i pulled myself together. and it took a while. i think i need to go scream into a pillow.


okay, so i made these little guys months and months ago -- i believe it was one cold february or march night when i was living with greg and dana and greg and i were feeling crafty and so i stitched up these little birdies while he made a virgin mary doll. so they aren't new. big deal. they're cute and the light was just right today to photograph them.

12 October, 2006


i don't even know what to say about these ones -- i've just been really into pretty cakes and cupcakes. and again, the drawings inspired the need to make the real deal.

07 October, 2006

bee bowls

(from petit-a-petit -- a ceramic line that i did looong ago -- maybe 1998?)


weeks ago, my mogollon mates had a friend who got bit by something and had a terrible allergic reaction. we didnt know what it was that bit her, but decided maybe it could have been bedbugs. then we got talking about how bedbugs are back, you know, as in a returning epidemic. well, this put the bedbugs in my head. i made the silly drawing while we were sitting there in the cafe talking about these creepy-crawlies. and then, the next night, i was hit with one of these spells of insomnia that i've been having for the past six months or so. and so, lying there in the dark, i was thinking about these bedbugs. and then i got it in my head that i would make some little bedbugs. and i was thinking about what they would look like and how i would make them and then i decided that i had to get up RIGHT THEN and make them. so i did. i made ten of those little suckers before the sun came up, then went back to sleep, woke up, and made another ten of them. i kinda love them.


yeah, i know, i-pod cozies really aren't very cool - and this one that i made isn't exactly perfectly constructed, but it is pink suede. and that makes it cool.