07 October, 2006


weeks ago, my mogollon mates had a friend who got bit by something and had a terrible allergic reaction. we didnt know what it was that bit her, but decided maybe it could have been bedbugs. then we got talking about how bedbugs are back, you know, as in a returning epidemic. well, this put the bedbugs in my head. i made the silly drawing while we were sitting there in the cafe talking about these creepy-crawlies. and then, the next night, i was hit with one of these spells of insomnia that i've been having for the past six months or so. and so, lying there in the dark, i was thinking about these bedbugs. and then i got it in my head that i would make some little bedbugs. and i was thinking about what they would look like and how i would make them and then i decided that i had to get up RIGHT THEN and make them. so i did. i made ten of those little suckers before the sun came up, then went back to sleep, woke up, and made another ten of them. i kinda love them.


Claire said...
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Claire said...

i love your bedbugs....they're so cute...the best part about them is that they'll be my friend if i'm nice to them and i can cuddle with them and they won't bite me and make me itch and bleed and puss. my kind of bug!