22 January, 2008

object of my affection

i told you i was distracted.
i'm sorry. i havent been posting.
i havent been making.
i havent been drawing.
i havent been sewing, or knitting, or stitching, or cutting, gluing, tracing or pasting.

i've been dreaming.

(i told you i'm in love.)

chez-sucre-chez is about to take a much deeper meaning for me.
it's brick and mortar now.


keep track of it:

16 January, 2008

sweet mad-e-line

(sung to the tune of sweet caroline, of course).
laura bought me a madeleine pan... so sweet.
let me tell you, these things are delicious. (and oh, so easy!)

06 January, 2008

sweater all better

this brand new j.crew sweater lost an arm in a tragic accident.
but i liked the sweater too much, so i turned it into a project...

with yarn, i stitched up the sides,

stuffed a pillowform in there,
used the sweater's buttons to make the closure,

buttoned the buttons,

et voila --
a new pillow.

(coral) reefer madness

i've finally finished a new batch of coral cross stitch pieces. these have been in the works for a while and it's taken me way longer to finish them than i had anticipated... i think i am done with coral for a little while -- my time's pretty short these days and i think i need a break from the shape -- i probably won't get to another batch until at least march. most of the pieces in the photo are available on my etsy site, so if you are interested, click on over!

03 January, 2008

squealing with delight

the totally awesome sarah b brought me a present today.
she saw this perfect little piggy cookie cutter and bought it for me. how rad is that?
i have seen pig cookie cutters before -- but seriously, never one so great as this.
i was so inspired that i made cookies with it tonight.

at first, i was content with the pink pigs just as they were - straight out of the oven.
but that satisfaction faded as i was just about to put the cooled cookies away and call it a night.
i've come to realize something about myself: rarely do i do something just once and walk away satisfied. more often, i like to do things multiple times, each time tweaking, improving, and pushing the envelope of inspiration.
so -- i whipped up some cookie icing and gave those little piggies some definition.

and then, as the creative process usually goes with me, it is usually after a few times at something that my true brilliance really hits me (um, okay -- brilliant to me .. hey - it's 1:45 in the morning....)
here is where these ended up.

and while i still dont think they are perfect (the lines could be thinner and more perfect -- but the icing wasnt the right consistency and i wasnt about to turn on the kitchenaid at this time of night) -- i think they're cool enough that i can sleep now.