03 January, 2008

squealing with delight

the totally awesome sarah b brought me a present today.
she saw this perfect little piggy cookie cutter and bought it for me. how rad is that?
i have seen pig cookie cutters before -- but seriously, never one so great as this.
i was so inspired that i made cookies with it tonight.

at first, i was content with the pink pigs just as they were - straight out of the oven.
but that satisfaction faded as i was just about to put the cooled cookies away and call it a night.
i've come to realize something about myself: rarely do i do something just once and walk away satisfied. more often, i like to do things multiple times, each time tweaking, improving, and pushing the envelope of inspiration.
so -- i whipped up some cookie icing and gave those little piggies some definition.

and then, as the creative process usually goes with me, it is usually after a few times at something that my true brilliance really hits me (um, okay -- brilliant to me .. hey - it's 1:45 in the morning....)
here is where these ended up.

and while i still dont think they are perfect (the lines could be thinner and more perfect -- but the icing wasnt the right consistency and i wasnt about to turn on the kitchenaid at this time of night) -- i think they're cool enough that i can sleep now.

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Anonymous said...

maybe i can get my butcher with one of these!