25 September, 2006

feathers and feathertrees

soon after the blood fixation, i moved onto feathers. they are just as fun to draw as blood! this was all inspired by monica (of mogollon) who had the idea of a tree with feathers instead of leaves. i loved her idea so i tried it out and really quite liked it. the next step, of course, is to put a bird in one of these trees who has leaves instead of feathers...

20 September, 2006

bloody girls

so after having so much fun drawing bloody hands, i wanted to draw MORE blood. so i started looking for ladies with lots of exposed skin in magazines. and then i cut them out and made them bloody.

bloody hands

i had multiple dreams -- on two different nights -- of falling and getting glass stuck in my hand and seeing other people do the same thing. the last dream was so bloody that i woke myself up from it. well of course i thought the whole bloody-hand image was strange and couldnt help wondering what the heck it was supposed to mean. i had a hard time shaking the image, so then i started drawing bloody hands with glass stuck in them. i'm not too good at drawing hands, but i had a really good time drawing the blood.

ciao amici. i've created this spot to post my projects. i've been doing a lot lately. hip-hip-hooray for inspiration and productivity.