28 November, 2006

gobble gobble

we did thanksgiving at janna's. it was great. everyone made food and brought it over and we really chow-ed down. i drew these turkeys on the chalkboard wall and greg finished it up with the landscape. (i dont know who to give credit for the whistling turkey on the left.)

21 November, 2006


i knit up a bunch of these little catnip-filled mice to sell at bizarre bazaar last year but they didn't really sell. i know that emil likes them, though, because he sought them out and stole two of them (even though i had already given him his own).

18 November, 2006

what's black and white and red all over?

my favorite dress from high school with blood on it!!!

i love the blood so much i had to take it into the photobooth with me.

and so did dana.

bleeding is contagious.

and then REAL halloween came. and i was feeling a little lazy - but still bloody inspired. this is the day that i took it to the next level.

bloody french. (which i've been doing for what, three years now? lazy. lazy. lazy. -- and, as i found out at that studio b party, it must not be the most original idea - as there were at least FIVE other frenchies there! i had no idea it was such a popular costume.)

and then i started making other people bleed.

suzy and her friend.

and, you may have noticed - there are a lot of others out there bleeding, too.

i bleeeeeeed.

these are screenshots from godard's WEEKEND - which (along with other godard movies) was the inspiration for my halloween costume concept (and oh, it was a concept -- but i didnt get around to making happen exactly as i invisioned it -- on account of my missing technicolor turquoise skirt).

and this was v.1 of BLOODy clothing. and i fell in love with it. (as did my mogollon mates and our associates.)

and this was the extent to which i carried it out for halloween. like i said above -- it wasnt as good as i had intended - but it was still good. at least i thought it was.
and then it just kept going. (as you will see in the next posts.)

13 November, 2006

oh the french

finding inspiration in french films... (elevator to the gallows, cleo from 5-7, le petit soldat)

sad pretty face

i'm working on a little 'zine/book project kind of thing. this is to be a page from it. i'll post more info about it as it gets closer to completion!

09 November, 2006


another series of birdies -- i was happy that i was able to add some branding to these ones.

08 November, 2006

studio shot with blackbirds

i made some more blackbirds. for now they are perching on the mantel in my room.

06 November, 2006

laundry day

while folding my clothes on laundry day, i looked at the pile and thought -- damn, that looks cool. i swear it wasn't a set up.

01 November, 2006

this is halloween!

bats, and rats, and spiders - oh yum! (when they're orange-spice sugar cookies, at least!)
i made these for greg and dana's pumpkin party. i had intended to decorate them, but festivities the night before left me oh, so tired and so i napped for longer than i meant to -- which left no time for decorating the cookies before the party!