27 May, 2011

big deer little deer

these little pretties are going off to scarsdale new york today. there, they'll join the original deer in the snow/stars piece that i did and they'll hang in a group with the large one in the middle and the two small ones on the sides - fair isle style. cool right? the idea was that of mara, a client who who saw the original piece on one of my sites and contacted me to purchase it. once she got it, she said she liked it so much that she wanted more pieces to make a collection, and then she came up with the fair isle concept. at first, i was a little wary (not of her wanting more pieces, of course, but of the challenge of creating the same piece in a larger size), because i didn't know how the larger stitches would look (i used four squares on the aida instead of one to make each stitch) but now that i've done it i think you can expect to see a lot more of these big stitchings on chez-sucre-chez. hooray and thank you to mara for challenging and inspiring me to do new things!

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