24 May, 2011

f yeah!

yippity yippity there's a new book out on the stands this month that features a photo of one of my little stitcheries.

i'd been contacted looooooong ago by lark, the publishers of this book, asking my permission to include one or more photos they'd found on my flickr page. of course i said yes and now, here it is:

my pretty little f piece out there for all the world to see.
and i'm so happy that it's got me listed as a resident of kutztown.
the book is a collection of photos of individual letters, and it goes from a though z. it's a sweet collection, and interesting to see where the photos came from. wanna see/read more? here's a link for you, and here's a little video preview.


mosey handmade said...

yayayyaya! so awesooooooome!

Jamie said...

that is so exciting!!