20 November, 2012

busy days

my goodness my goodness work has been busy here with chez-sucre-chez, and although so many exciting things have been happening, i've been too busy to stop long enough to post about them, and now i forget half of those great things!
still in the midst of busy-ness, here are just a couple of things from recent weeks.

the new colors for monogram towels are in:
and holy shazaam am i ever busy with the monogram towel orders, already. it's wonderful, and busy. i'm super thankful that many people are getting orders in early. as of today, i am *just* about caught up, meaning that i'm feeling a-okay about getting more orders. (so um, if you're thinking of ordering monogram towels for holiday gifts, erh, a-hem, please get those orders in ASAP! it'll make both you and me happy!)

oooooh, and while speaking of monogram towels, and about getting orders for them in early, allow me to let you in on a little secret:

the chez-sucre-chez shhhhh shop, as in, it's kind of a little secret, but i'm telling my favourite people about it. you happen to be one of those favourite people, so now you know. the shop has a limited selection of goodies, but they're batch deals and the shipping on them is USPS Priority mail, so it's meant to be that you get the most bang for your buck for product and shipping combined. in the shop you will find:

the mulling spice packets:

created for terrain, and sold only there elsewhere, these little bundles make for super sweet gifts.

wanting to have some left-overs for myself to give as gifts, i purchased extra supplies when i placed my original spice order, and then as i got making them, i realized i wanted to make even more extras so that i could offer them to you, so i went back and ordered some more. these were such a hit at DC's Crafty Bastards that they were gone within three hours!

i'm selling them in bundles of two, because, weighing in at almost a half a pound each, shipping is cheaper if they're sent two in a padded flat-rate envelope. (three would fit, really, so if you want three, contact me and i'll create a special order for you.)

also in the shh shop is a great deal on the diy cross-stitch kits:

do the math -- if your ordering any combination except all 3" kits, it's a steal of a deal!

this is a great incentive to stock up on kits to make and give or keep - great winter projects, great sweet gifts.

oh, and the ornament kits are a part of that deal. although they're 3" kits, so if you're just looking to get one or two of those, get them from the etsy shop, but if you want to put one on your order along with three other bigger kits, go for the super shhh shop deal.

aaaand, the monogram towels are in the shh shop, in a four for $64 deal. ($64 is better than paying $72 right?!) Shipping on those is also USPS Priority flat rate, so you save some $$ there, too. Hooray for bargains! The monogram towel deal will only be up while stock (full color selection of towels) and time (i've only got two hands!) allows, so as i said above, get those orders in early if you can.

oh, there is still so much to tell you about, but i gotta get back to stitching!
happy tuesday, everyone! and, if i don't get back here before thursday, happy thanksgiving! i'm thankful for each and every one of you! xxoo!

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