19 January, 2012

a lot like love

my l.o.v.e. letters have hit the (virtual) shelves of terrain!

i like how, on a very stark white background, they show/suggest how they can be arranged on a wall stacked, or horizontally.

(they're actually stitched on linen, not canvas...)

here they were stitched up and ready to be trimmed:

trimmed, labels getting affixed:

and here's how i had them bundled for shipping:

do you love them? i'm not sure if they're being sold in the store -- this might be an item that's only available through terrain online. i'll check today -- the store is only a couple of miles away (yes, i'm lucky) and i've got errands to run in the shopping center nearby anyway. so perhaps there'll be an update here?


Megan Woodard Johnson said...

they're wonderful! I've always loved the loves :)

Chase Clark l Oh The Cuteness! said...

Gaw! Every time I see your stuff en masse it just amazes me. I don't know how you crank out those beautiful pieces!

chez-sucre-chez said...

aw -- thank you, chase! that's very sweet of you.
luckily, this initial order for terrain was only 10 sets -- which was "only" 40 pieces... yeah, 40 pieces ended up taking a lot longer than i thought they would. but isn't that always the case?