07 October, 2008

love letters

L.O.V.E. is how i feel about every aspect of this project!
the color combination of pink and gold is making me so excited these days. there was a time when i loathed that combo -- thinking it so tacky and flashy and gaudy and garish (um, which really all mean the same thing, i know...). but now, i am feeling positively passionate about it! i've even gone and done my studio in pink and gold. something about the combo now feels so romantic and girly and extravagant -- evoking a spirit mixed with parts rococo and parts art nouveau.
so i love the color.
i love the texture of the embroidery floss on the metallic gold thread of the fabric.
and i love the font of the lettering.
um, yep. i'm a little happy with how this turned out.
love letters.

(i put them on etsy -- as the set or as individual custom-order letters)


Anonymous said...

super wow!

chiara said...

these are beautiful!

chiara said...

I hope it's ok - i did a blog post about these - because I love them so much. http://molassescandy.blogspot.com/
I hope that's OK. I love your stuff!

chez-sucre-chez said...

thank you so much for the compliments! hooray hooray, i am happy to hear that others like them as much as i do. and thank you, chiara, for the sweet post on your blog - i am flattered. (and i hope that maybe it does inspire you to get out the embroidery materials one day sooner than later! yeah!)