14 October, 2008

chez makes active wear

remember months ago when i posted about making a couple of limited-edition onesies for two very special little dudes?
here's one of them in action:

that's eli, skating with his pop, jeremy. so f-ing cute. (oops, i just realized that you can't tell, from this crop, that they are skateboarding -- well they are --click on over to see the whole shot!)
my friends claire and jeremy are SUPER-DUPER, FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, AMAZING (please insert at least 10 other ultra-positive adjectives here) photographers. (i would use all of those words to describe them as friends and as people, too.) they have a blog where they share little bits of their exciting lives (babies! celebrities! travel! tomfoolery!) -- you should check it out; it is way inspiring.
really, you should see the rest of the photos and the rest of their site, too. they go by the name of day19. maybe you've heard of them before -- they're pretty serious.

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