28 October, 2008

weekend adventure

friends molly and dave invited me along on their annual corn-maze and pumpkin-pickin' adventure, and it was a totally great day.

this is molly and dave entering the corn maze. i had never heard of a corn maze before -- it is just what it sounds like, a maze cut into a huge field of corn. see the tower structure above their heads? that is set up in the middle of the maze and a guy sits up there to help out anyone who gets so lost and disoriented that they have a panic attack. we didn't have any panic attacks, but towards the end, i think we were all ready to get out of there and get some hot apple cider.

did you know corn have weird root things that look like feet? i didnt, but i do now.

once out of the corn maze we scouted for pumpkins.

here's mine. i loved it for the tangle of vines and leaves attached to its stem.

we ran home and carved them and roasted the seeds and cooked up some dinner.

here are all of our little jack-o-lanterns (in a blurry blurry picture) sitting on the porch of molly and dave's house:

i cannot take credit for the idea for mine -- it came from the cover of this month's hallmark magazine (i had no idea they had a magazine!?! is it cool? i'll need to investigate next time i see it.) which i caught out of the corner of my eye and just for a moment as we were getting dinner supplies at the grocery store. well here it is:

a wee pumpkin house! i tried to use twine to weave the sticks together to make the door -- it was not cooperating, though, so i said f-it and hot-glued them together instead.
and here is pumpkin a few days later, and looking a bit like the big-bad-wolf (which was really a nasty windstorm last night) got to it:

thanks, molly and dave for inviting me in on the seasonal fun! xo!

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