20 October, 2008

leesport craft fair recap

okay. so sunday's fair wasnt the best in terms of turn out.
um, nope, definitely not. sales were a little disappointing. boo.
but here is how the craft fair was totally awesome;
i got to hang out and forge a crafters' alliance with three totally awesome ladies: jen lindsay of turnstyle design (website soon to come), melanie linder of love your invite and spread the love, and karen stanford of skylark studio. holy crap, such great, talented ladies and they all live pretty much in my town and now i get to be friends with them. yeah!
i forgot to take photos of my table but i loaned it to jen and she got some shots of the table that these ladies shared.
here's jen with her set-up:

she makes these ADORABLE little stuffed giraffes and baby quilts. she's gonna set up an etsy shop soon. soon.

and here is melanie with her set-up:

her illustrations are so so cool. (check them out in her etsy shop.)

karen escaped the camera, but here is a shot of her jewelry display:

this photo doesnt do justice -- go to her etsy shop, she just set it up - i'm not a jewelry girl but i seriously believe that karen's pieces are fabulous - see for yourself.

we've got another adventure set up already -- we're gonna give these PA craft fairs another go: come see us in reading, at the goggleworks, on sunday, november 9th. a group called "reading we have a problem" (headed by matt, who we met on sunday and who is super motivated and ready-to-rally) is setting up a craft fair to coincide with the goggleworks monthly second sunday event. i'll post more info as i get it..


karen said...

ok I agree turnout was lame, but where else can you go to an indie craft show and have horses doing rodeo tricks outside?! Leesport's the place to be! thanks for the post - we look all official n'stuff.

Blood Milk said...

It was nice to meet you there too, sounds like your part of the fair was more lively than mine!