01 October, 2008

chez making news

hey look (here) -- another write up for chez!

this one is from babble -- a website for parents. i went through the site a little and while um, i am definitely not a parent, it seems pretty cool. anyways -- the write-up was on a blog called droolicious, which is a part of that site. it is very sweet. thank you, elizabeth!

also in recent blog-news there was this one:

this was on maple sugar -- a blog by rebekka of the sugar bar in nashville TN (the website doesnt seem to be up yet, but their blog is). i made the S for her a little while back and i'm so happy to see it photographed and posted about on her blog! (i love love love seeing my little creations in other people's settings... so cool.) oh man -- everytime i look at her blog and the sugar bar site my sweet-tooth gets A-ITCHIN! (rebekka, if you ever need a pasty chef's assistant, can i come and be it for a while?)

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