29 October, 2008

much bigger needles

where did this cold come from?
i wasn't prepared for it to be this cold -- in OCTOBER. while walking around in the mess of rain and cold yesterday, i determined that i needed a new scarf; my old ones just weren't cutting it, AND i was really feeling the desire to zone out to the clacking of knitting needles.

my productivity has taken a hit with this cold weather; i am SO unmotivated on days like these. so i set up my nest -- the bed is all piled with blankets and my computer and my needlework projects and my paperwork and my trusty gato emil, and that is where i have been spending most of my time lately.
last night i settled in to my nest with two new skeins of yarn and a pair of size 15 needles. three hours later, voila, i had a new scarf. it's nothing fancy - just one-by-one rib stitch - and i made a mistake or two - but i'm happy enough with my first foray back into knitting in well over a year.
mmmmmm. warm neck.


Leila said...

That's pretty! Sometimes the simplest things are the best. I hope it keeps you warm. And that it gets a bit warmer for a little while before winter sets in for real.

chez-sucre-chez said...

thanks, leila! i'll see you in december at the cafe grumpy fair, right?