04 February, 2011

adventures in ice cream making

(i know it may look like it, but i promise this isnt turning into a food blog!)
last sunday funday, my friend amy and i got an ice cream maker. we'd been talking about it for months and finally went for it. our first batch was straight up vanilla and it was heavenly.

i brought the ice cream maker home with me and made batch number two:

i was going to do another straight up vanilla and just play with the recipe a little, so i went to the store to get just organic milk and cream. well, pms got the best of me and i came home with cookies (and wine) too. the cookies were those caramel stroopwafel things and although they were kinda good, they werent AS good as i thinking they would be. but i had a hunch that they may be delicious in ice cream, so i built my recipe around them. brown sugar, a touch a molasses, vanilla and the chopped up cookies. pretty darned delicious.

batch number three, which i just finished, was inspired by these beauties:

so pretty, right? they're pink peppercorns, that i picked off a tree the other day. oh, california - you do amaze me.

so, i crushed a few of them up and put them into the ice cream base; milk, cream, sugar, and a teeny splash of vanilla.

so good! it turned out a little more subtle than i was hoping for; it could use more pepper -- but still, not bad for something that can be whipped up in 30 minutes! it's a good thing i just joined a gym.
i hope you all have a super sweet weekend. xxoo.


Jamie said...

Omg!! I am insanely jealous! Ice cream is my number one weakness, I would live off it if I could!

Megan Woodard Johnson said...

pink peppercorn ice cream! i want some!!!! maybe you could start a food blog in your free time? :)

chez-sucre-chez said...

oh my goodness, i am so hooked on ice cream making. i can't stop! there are so many fun flavours to try!

Leila said...

Those peppercorns are gorgeous! Nothing much growing over in this corner of the country right now!