02 February, 2011


last week, i discovered the LA funghi stand at the south pasadena farmers market and since then, i've been mushroom obsessed. until about ten years ago, i wouldnt touch a mushroom. now, however, i want to try every single variety in these photos:

the first ones i brought home with me were the chanterelles. oooooh lala. i sauteed them with half of a shallot in a mix of butter and olive oil, and then, once they were about finished, stirred in a touch of cream and a shaving of parmesan cheese until it thickened a little. then i tossed in some cooked orecchiette pasta and a crack of salt and pepper and just a touch of freshly grated nutmeg. mmmmm. it was delicious.

in celebration of my discovery of the mushroom man, i listed my mushroom boxes and mushroom sachets in my etsy shop. previously, i wasnt sure of how i'd package and ship them in a way where the boxes wouldnt get crushed. but, i figured it out, so now they're up! see them here.

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