25 February, 2011

pst.. shhhhh whisperwhisper!

soooo, i've decided that i want to try out etsy's new(ish) coupon-code feature to offer a little special savings to those of you who've been so wonderfully supportive of me and my little ventures with chez-sucre-chez. here's how it'll work: go on over to the chez-sucre-chez facebook page (here), and please click the "like" button. on tuesday of next week (3/29/2011), i'll post the coupon code (20%!) there on the facebook page and then you can use it to do a little shopping. (the code will be good for one week) please help spread the word! (you can click the little share buttons at the bottom of this post to twitter it or post it to your facebook page or email it or blog it - i'm so bad at all this social net-working and making it work for me, but i'm trying!) oh, if you don't have facebook, don't worry -i'm not going to leave you out of the fun! just send me an email (chezsucrechez at gmail) or leave a comment here on this post and i'll email the code to you on tuesday! have a good weekend, friends! xxoo.

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chez-sucre-chez said...

why did i title the post "pst.. sshhh whisperwhisper" if i'm encouraging you all to share the info on how to get in on the deal? um, because it's much more fun to share secrets than just run-of-the-mill knowledge, isnt it? and, because you, my blog readers and facebook page like-rs and twitter followers, are the only ones that I'M telling about the deal..... that's it.