20 January, 2011

new additions

i haven't been doing so much stitching the past few days, except for on the orders that i have. instead, i've been photographing pieces and updating the shops. sheeesh, that takes SO long! it's my least favourite part of the process, honestly. but i'm almost finished - this round - for now.
take a look - i've updated the bigcartel shop A LOT. my thinking right now is that i'm going to use that as the place where i list most of my one-of-a-kind/limited edition cross-stitch pieces, and that i'll use the etsy shop more for the pieces that i make multiples of and for the more "product" part of my line. does that make sense? well, i'm going to test it out and see how it goes. my concern is just that my etsy shop gets so much more traffic - just from random etsy users and searches and treasuries. it's a really really powerful site. hmm, maybe i should be doing it the other way around. eh, whatever. it is there for now. now i just need to work harder on promotion. anyone have any insight/suggestions? i'd be happy to hear them! in the meantime - check out the new goods. here.

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